Yellow Floating Heart – Oneida County Aquatic Invasive Species Program

Yellow Floating Heart   Nymphoides peltata

Identification: Yellow floating heart is a rooted, perennial plant. Its floating, heart-shaped leaves are 3-12 cm across and green with slightly wavy margins. The undersides of the leaves are often purple. Yellow floating heart has 2-5 yellow flowers that bloom between May and October. The flowers have 5 fringed petals.

Ecology and Natural History: Yellow floating heart is native to Eastern Asia and the Mediterranean. It was introduced to the United States as a water garden plant. It grows in lakes, ponds, swamps, and channels with slow-moving water. It can tolerate anaerobic conditions.

Impacts of Introduction: Yellow floating heart typically develops monotypic patches that crowd out native plants. The dense patches also create stagnate, low-oxygenated water. The floating mats block sunlight for plants and algae and can impede boating.

It is PROHIBITED to possess, transport, transfer, or introduce yellow floating heart without a permit in the state of Wisconsin.
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