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  • ​Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Department
  • Oneida County AIS Mapping site
  • Our Partners
  • Clean Boats, Clean Waters and AIS Resources
  • Citizen Lakes Monitoring Network and Citizen Science Programs
  • Healthy Lakes
  • Other Useful Websites

​Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Department:

  1. Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Department 
  2. Oneida County AIS & Water Quality Mapping App (NOTE: This application allows you to search both geographical locations of known AIS in Oneida County and baseline water quality monitoring data collected by the Oneida County AIS Team)

​Our Partners:

  1. Clean Boats Clean Waters – UW Extension Lakes
  2. Citizen Lake Monitoring Network – UW Extension Lakes 
  3. Let’s Go Fishing, Rhinelander Area Chapter  
  4. Lumberjack Resource Conservation & Development  
  5. Oneida County Lakes & Rivers Association 
  6. Northwoods Cooperative Weed Management Area 
  7. Timberland Invasive Partnership 
  8. Treehaven UWSP 
  9. Vilas County Land & Water Conservation Department 
  10. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – AIS Page  
  11. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – Surface Water Grant Program
  12. Wisconsin Headwaters Invasives Partnership (WHIP)  
  13. Wisconsin Lakes Partnership 

Clean Boats, Clean Waters and AIS Resources:

  1. Clean Boats, Clean Waters – UW Extension Lakes  
  2. Citizen Lake Monitoring Network – UW Extension Lakes 
  3. USDA – AIS page  
  4. US Fish & Wildlife Services – AIS page  
  5. UW Center for Limnology 
  6. UW Environmental Resource Centers – AIS Outreach 
  7. UW Sea Grant Institute – Resources for Educators and Students 
  8. WI. Department of Natural Resources – AIS page 
  9. WI. Department of Natural Resources – General Invasive Species page
  10. WI. Department of Natural Resources – Lakes page
  11. WI. Department of Natural Resources – Water Monitoring 
  12. WI. Department of Natural Resources – WI. Lake Maps (contour maps)
  13. WI. Department of Natural Resources – SWIMS
  14. WI. Department of Natural Resources – SWIMS Log-in page

Citizen Lakes Monitoring Network and Citizen Science Programs:

  1. Citizens Lake Monitoring Network – UWSP Extension Lakes   
  2. Citizen Science in WI (WI Academy of Science, Arts & Letters) 
  3. WI Water Monitoring  
  4. Citizen-Based Monitoring Network  
  5. Citizen-Based Water Monitoring Network  (Programs includeAdopt a Beach, Citizen Lakes Monitoring Network, Clean Boats, Clean Waters, Locally Defined River or Lake Monitoring, Mayfly Watch, Mussel Monitoring, Odonata Survey, Project RED (Riverine Early Detectors), and Water Action Volunteers Stream Monitoring Program).

Healthy Lakes Program Resources:

  1. Healthy Lakes  
  2. WI Lakeshore Restoration Project Portal 
  3. WI Lakeshore Restoration Project – Lakeshore Habitat Restoration Educational Outreach Tips ​   

Useful Websites:

  1. EEK! Environmental Education For Kids
  2. Ecology of Lakes – UW Extension Lakes 
  3. Important Questions and Answers on Wisconsin Lakes – WDNR
  4. Let’s Go Fishing, Rhinelander Area Chapter  
  5. Live from the Lake: A Wisconsin Lakes Blog 
  6. Making Waves: Battle for the Great Lakes Documentary 
  7. Natural Resource Foundation of Wisconsin
  8. Oneida County Clean Water Action
  9. Oneida County Natural Heritage Inventory Data   
  10. SciStarter
  11. UW Center for Limnology 
  12. WI Natural Heritage Inventory Program (NHI). This program is responsible for maintaining data on the locations and status of rare species, natural communities and natural features throughout the state.  
  13. Wisconsin wetlands  
  14. Public Boat Access Sites in WI: WI DNR interactive map applications to locate public lake access and shore fishing sites