Together, we can protect our valuable ecosystems, recreational opportunities, fisheries, human health, and near shore property values by forming a united front against AIS!

About Us

Oneida County, located in Northern Wisconsin, has over 1,100 lakes and rivers (10% of the county is covered in water), and our water resources are a large part of our lifestyle.  As a water-rich county, the impact of AIS would be detrimental to our waters ecosystems, recreational opportunities, fisheries, human health, and near shore property values.   For this reason, Oneida County developed an AIS program in 2007, designed to protect our water-rich county from the threat of AIS by focusing on educational outreach, technical assistance, and AIS management.   Our AIS Program is an extension of the Oneida County Lane & Water Conservation Department and our AIS Team consists of a full-time AIS Coordinator, plus a seasonal Lead AIS Program Assistant and two seasonal AIS Program Assistants.

Mission Statement:  To develop and implement an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) plan of action that prevents and manages AIS in Oneida County lakes, rivers and wetlands.

Strategic Vision:  Sustain an aquatic invasive species management program that collaborates with, and is supported by local, regional, state and federal partners.  Through collaboration, an integrated, holistic watershed approach will be used to educate citizens, monitor and manage AIS, and protect all of Oneida County’s water resources.


  • Prevent and/or slow the introduction and spread of AIS through new and existing pathways.
  • Identify and monitor current and nw AIS infestations.
  • Foster cooperation, coordination, and communication  among government agencies, lake associations, private citizens, and businesses.
  • To participate in the management of AIS
  • To support the restoration and rehabilitation of ecosystems affected by AIS.

Partnerships, Collaboration, and Advocacy:  Building and maintaining a strong network of support, partnerships, and collaboration provides the foundation for a successful AIS Program.  We are proud, and fortunate, to maintain project support and collaboration through our mutually beneficial partners:

  • Oneida County Land & Water Conservation and UW-Extension Committee. Members included: Bob Mott (Chair),  Alan Van Raalte, Mitchell Ives, Rob Jensen, Jim Winkler, and Kim Simic.
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, UW-Extension Lakes, researchers, natural resource managers, and other conservation/AIS organizations
  • Volunteers, lake groups, schools, ​youth programs, and citizen scientists
  • Marinas, bait shops, fishing clubs/organizations, other water-related trade industries
  • Town, county, state, and federal agencies, and
  • Anyone who loves working together to protect our water resources within and surrounding Oneida County.