AIS: On Our Doorstep

AIS on Our Doorstep

Unfortunately, invaders that are more problematic are literally at our doorstep! Thus far, Spiny water fleas and Zebra mussels have NOT been confirmed in any waters within Oneida County.  However, both species have invaded waters located dangerously close to the Oneida County line (see map below), and the threat of anglers and boaters transporting these invasive species into the county is very real!  Lake Metonga (Forest County)  is approximately 7 miles to to the east of the Oneida County border, and is infested with Zebra mussels. To the north of Oneida County, the prohibited Spiny Waterfleas has invaded Butternut Lake in Forest County, the Gile Flowage in Iron County and 4 lakes in Vilas County (Ike Walton Lake, Star Lake, Stormy Lake, and Trout Lake).


Geographic distribution of spiny waterflea and zebra mussel infested lakes and the distance from those lakes to the Oneida County line.


Map of spiny waterflea distribution in Wisconsin. SAB