Boat Landing Signage

Does Your Boat Landing Have the Current AIS Sign?

In 2010, the WI DNR began replacing all AIS regulatory boat landing signs with one comprehensive AIS regulatory boat landing sign at every boat landing throughout the state.

The Oneida County AIS Team is assisting the DNR with installing and maintaining the AIS signs at public and private landings (including ramps and carry-in landings) at area lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands in Oneida County. The new AIS regulatory boat landing sign, including posts and hardware, is free of charge for both public and private landings.

If you know of a public or private boat landing in Oneida County that has a missing or damaged sign, please contact Oneida County AIS Coordinator Stephanie Boismenue  at or by phone at 715-369-7835.

If the landing is located in another county, please call the DNR immediately. Request AIS Boat Landing Sign(s): Contact Tim Campbell at or by phone at 608-267-3531

New sign for summer 2020

old sign
new sign
new sign
Some other helpful signs and stations: