Facts about Oneida Co. Waterbodies

Oneida County Waterbody Facts

Oneida County is located in Northern Wisconsin and has one of the highest concentrations of natural lakes in the world.  Oneida County has over 1,129 lakes and rivers, and our water resources are a large part of our lifestyle.   

Facts About our Lakes, Flowages, Rivers, and Streams

  • Fact: 10% of Oneida County is covered in water.
  • Oneida County has over 150 public boat access.


  • 1,129 lakes (428 named lakes and 701 unnamed lakes).
  • Lakes cover 68,447 acres (106.95 sq miles) and 1,331 miles of shoreline.
  • 938 lakes (82 percent) are less than 50 acres, and 445 are less than 10 feet deep. 
  • The deepest lake is Clear Lake, which is 100 feet deep..
  • The largest lake is Lake Tomahawk at 3,627 acres.
  • 38.8% of property taxes is privately owned waterfront property. 
  • Privately owned lake shoreline totals about 1,000 miles, more than three times the publicly owned lake shoreline (300 miles).


  • Flowages include: Frederick, Hat Rapids, Rainbow, Rhinelander, Rice River *(Nokomis) in Oneida & Lincoln Co., Rocky Run, Starks, and the Willow.
  • Largest flowage is the Willow Flowage at 6,306 acres.


  • Rivers include: Little Rice, Little Somo, Pelican, Somo, Tomahawk, Willow, Wisconsin, and Wolf.


  • 296 streams total more than 830 miles and 1,661 miles of shoreline.
  • 77 steams (192 miles) are classified trout streams

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