2018 Oneida Co. Stewardship Awards Banquet – Oneida County Aquatic Invasive Species Program

The 10th Annual Oneida  County Stewardship Awards Banquet
​August 23, 2018, Holiday Acres Resort, Rhinelander

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​2018 Oneida County Stewardship Award Winners and Citizen Lakes Monitoring Network Volunteers Award Winners. 

These folks were celebrated the Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Departments 10th Annual Stewardship Awards Banquet held on August 23, 2018, at Holiday Acres Resort in Rhinelander. 

Sixty people attended this years banquet to help celebrate the Invasive Species Superstars, Local Lake Groups, Clean Boats Clean Waters Watercraft Inspectors and Citizen Lakes Monitoring Network Volunteers, for their extraordinary efforts to protect our lands and waterbodies in Oneida County!
Special presentations and guest presenters included:​
Opening Message presented by

  • ​​​Alan Van Raalte – Vice Chair, Conservation & UWEX Education Committee, Oneida County

Living on the Edge: Pelican Lake Stewardship Initiatives presented by

  • Larod Lodholz – President of Pelican Lake Property Owners Association and
  • Jean Roach – Vice President of Pelican Lake Property Owners Association presented –  

Wisconsin Master Naturalist in Action presented by

  • Marcia Obukowicz – Wisconsin Master Naturalist, Citizen Scientist, and Flannery Lake resident 

About the Awards:
Stewardship Awards: Nominations for the Stewardship Awards are accepted for youth and adult individuals, couples, lake groups, and professionals for their dedication and incredible efforts at fighting terrestrial and aquatic invasive species as well as protecting the health of our lands and waterbodies in Oneida County.
Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Volunteers of Oneida County Awards: Recipients are Citizen Lake Monitoring Network program volunteers from Oneida County, who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or more years for collecting water quality data on Oneida County waters and sharing information with fellow lake residents, the WI. DNR, UW biologists and researchers, UW-Extension, and other interested individuals. Additionally, awards are given to the Century Club for 100 Secchi Readings and Pentacentennial Club for 500 Secchi Readings.  
Congratulations 2018 Stewardship Award Winners:
BAKER BRANSON (Leadership and Stewardship Recognition Award) – For outstanding dedication in the effort to recruit Clean Boats Clean Waters monitors for Pelican Lake. His enthusiasm has made him a great asset to the Association. As a leader, mentor, inspector and recruiter, he demonstrates pride in protecting the health of the lake and is a positive role model for current and future Stewards.

CATHY SCHMIDT (Leadership Recognition Award) – For diligently coordinating volunteers, tracking all volunteer hours, and securing grant funding for the fight against Eurasian water milfoil on Lonestone Lake.  Her leadership commitment reflects her love for the lake and her desire to see the Northwoods thrive.

DALE KINNEY (Exceptional Volunteer and Leadership Recognition Award) – For persistence in the research, construction, and operation of a Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) boat for use in harvesting and eliminating Eurasian water milfoil from Crescent Lake.  His passion and determination are admirable as he continues his volunteer efforts to protect the beautiful waters of Oneida County.
JEAN ROACH (Stewardship Recognition Award) – For sincere dedication and service to the Pelican Lake Property Owner’s Association as its past President and current Vice President.  Her tireless work transformed the Association’s culture through education and stewardship.  Her foresight and vision initiated the containment of a Eurasian water milfoil outbreak to restore balance and promote good lake health.  She is a beacon of stewardship light in our area.
JOHN HEUSINKVELD (Outstanding Environmental Educator and Stewardship Award) – For his outstanding contribution as an educator in environmental sciences and the development of innovative, hands-on, educational and stewardship programs that engage youth, adults, and communities.  As a former Water Ecology and Fisheries Instructor for UWSP CNR Program at Treehaven, his knowledge and passion for the environment has been inspirational and invaluable to thousands of undergraduates, who now work across the globe in various natural resource fields.

LORI REGNI (Exceptional Volunteer and Lifetime Stewardship Award) – For outstanding achievement in the fight against aquatic and terrestrial invasive species. Oneida County proudly recognizes her ability to educate and inspire stewardship efforts throughout the community. Her leadership role in Oneida, as well as other counties, validates her deep commitment to the citizens of the lakes and lands she strives to protect.

MARCIA OBUKOWICZ (Exceptional Volunteer & Stewardship Award) – For her passion, dedication, knowledge, and endeavors as a Volunteer Citizen Scientist and Wisconsin Master Naturalist.  Her tireless efforts to survey and monitor plants, animals, lands, and waters has significantly contributed to a better understand our natural resources and the complexities of management.
PAUL MATTHIAE (Exceptional Volunteer and Leadership Recognition Award) – For an extraordinary 18 years of service, a 10-year Board member, and multiple-year Secretary of the Three Lakes Waterfront Association. His direction of the kiosk landing, purple loosestrife, and landing sign projects has made him invaluable to this Association.  His efforts as grant writer, watercraft inspector, AIS lake captain and Education Committee Chair demonstrate his exceptional stewardship commitment.

VICKI SMITH (Stewardship Recognition Award) – For genuine commitment to the Pelican Lake Property Owner’s Association serving as its Secretary.  Her countless hours spent working on the shoreline restoration projects have demonstrated that restoration can be both beautiful and healthy for the lake.  Her informative, educational newsletter reaches over 300 members and inspires all lake residents to live in harmony with nature and the watershed.

Congratulations 2018 Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Volunteers of Oneida County:
CENTURY CLUB  (OVER 100 SECCHI DIPS)                                

  • SCOTT JANSSEN – Windpudding Lake

25 YEAR VOLUNTEERS:                              


15 YEAR VOLUNTEERS:                             

  • PAM MCVETY – Lake George
  • GLEN RIESS – Hasbrook Lake

10 YEAR VOLUNTEERS:                     

  • K. BRADSHAW – Two Sisters Lake
  • DAN AND SUE PAGEL – Blue Lake
  • KARYL ROSENBERG – Tom Doyle Lake
  • NOREEN ROSSA – Townline and Planting Ground Lakes
  • ROGER SMITH – Mid Lake

5 YEAR VOLUNTEERS:                                 

  • HENRY DERLETHAldridge Lake
  • ALAN SCHWOEGLERWest Horsehead Lake
  • ROBERT SUNDELLSquaw Lake, Vilas and Oneida County
  • KEN ZATORMaple Lake

Thank You Donors! 
Thank you to all of the local businesses who supported the 2018 Oneida County Stewardship Awards Banquet by providing generous donations!!! Because of your support, every guest went home with a raffle prize. Thank you:
Adventure Bicycles, Bucketheads, Chequamegon Adventure Company, CTs Deli, Dairy Queen, Domino’s Pizza, Family Video, Forth Floral, Golden Harvest, Green Bay Packers, Hanson’s Garden Village, Holiday Acres Riding Academy, Island City Lanes, J&J’s Sports, Kurt’s Island Sport Shop, Lake Tomahawk, Meat Market, Lakeland True Value, Mel’s Trading Post, Michele Sadauskas, Minocqua Pizza Company, Rhinelander Café and Pub, Rollie & Helen’s Musky Shop, Rouman Cinema, Ruby’s Chef Shop, Settlers Mill, Stephanie Boismenue, Subway, The Fishing Hole, The Fun Factory, The Waters of Minocqua, Trigs , and Woodpecker Bar & Grill.